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Chicago’s Biggest Book Fair Is Back July 23-26

Jul 9, 2015
The Newberry Book Fair on July 23-26, Chicago’s biggest annual used book binge, has something for every reader.

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Too hot for you in Pompeii? Try Times Square

f you can’t make it to Italy, you now have an alternative: Discovery Times Square has just premiered "Pompeii The Exhibit - Life and Death in the Shadow of Vesuvius" with Over 250 artifacts – includes some never-before-seen objects and the largest collection of body casts ever on display including a dramatic skeleton collection. more
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Seeing first-hand how snowsports can help improve a child’s life

These kids may look like any group of young snowboarders decked out in the latest Burton gear. “You can see them stand taller,” Heston said. But looks, as we know, can be deceiving. They can’t afford snow sports or the gear, much less bus fare to the mountain. In fact, some live in homeless shelters, others live in group homes more
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Watching a daughter grow up on the slopes

Sure, I’ve tried to raise my two daughters and my son to seek challenges. Like you, I’ve hoped that travel has shown them how exciting and exhilarating it can be to step out of their comfort zones. I’ve proudly watched them manage when confronted by unexpected obstacles, whether it was lost luggage, bad weather, illness or simply disappointment when the destination hasn’t met their expectations. They’ve learned lessons on vacation that translate to their everyday lives more
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January is the month for you to learn a snow sport

If you thought heading to the slopes this winter would be a budget buster or no fun for mom, think again. Not only has there been so much snow, but large and small resorts across ski country are pulling out all the stops for families, featuring increased programming off the slopes as well as on, free or discounted lift tickets and even free flights. more
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Holidays for thousands derailed by the blizzard and the airlines

We were headed to the tiny island of Grand Turk and Bohio Resort www.bohioresort.com for some scuba diving. Turks and Caicos is known for their spectacular reefs and my daughter Mel had been diligently completing the required online course and hoped to join us as certified divers this trip. But I was celebrating too soon. Just before we arrived at JFK, I got a message from American Airlines that our flight had been cancelled. (Why we didn’t get the message four hours ahead, as we’d requested, I don’t know) more
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Memories of misadventures on a family ski trip

Whenever kids are part of the equation—whether they’re four, fourteen or 24—let go of all your expectations for that perfect family bonding experience. It won’t happen. You’ll be lucky if you get a few of those can’t-believe-we’re-here-together moments. And if your kids are like mine, they won’t want to stop then to take a picture. more
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The ornaments on on our Christmas tree bring back the memorable family trips

I was thinking of the trips that went right and those that went wrong as I perused our Christmas Tree ornaments—the Eiffel Tower when I took my daughters to Europe right after 9/11 (we spent more time at the flea market than at museums); the moose-on-skis from Colorado (that was the trip when the kids officially declared me “too slow,” to ski with them) more
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The Secret to Keeping Up with the Kids on the Ski Slopes — Mom’s Clinics

Today, you’ll find groups and women’s clinics like this at large and small resorts across the country. Each program is a little different. There are clinics for snowboarders and skiers, for beginners and experts, with a focus on technique, conquering fear or new equipment testing. more
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How to stuff your travelers’ stockings this holiday season

Thanks, Mr. Bean. If not for my pink flowered rubber boots from L.L. Bean (a far cry from the first hunting shoes Leon L. Bean sold in Maine in 1912), I would have had awfully wet feet the week in spent in Alaska last year. That got me thinking. Instead of rushing around trying to find the perfect gift for my favorite family travelers, I’m going to get them what I find most helpful to have with me when I’m traveling with my gang more
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Hosting family for Thanksgiving is no picnic — some survival tips

Face it. Hosting the family for the holidays is hard work. Being a holiday guest is no picnic either. It won’t be perfect. Not the food. Not the kids’ behavior. Not the adults’ behavior. We’re talking about family, after all more
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