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Chicago’s Biggest Book Fair Is Back July 23-26

Jul 9, 2015
The Newberry Book Fair on July 23-26, Chicago’s biggest annual used book binge, has something for every reader.

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Puppy love

It took me years to get our three kids out of our bed, whether at home or in a hotel. Now just as the last one has left for college, we've got a new puppy who likes nothing more than snuggling up between us--that's when she's not chewing the computer wires under my desk or snacking on my newest shoes that I mistakenly left on the floor. more
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The dirty little secret of family vacations

No, it's not the piles of laundry when you get home. It's that moms rarely get a break. On vacation, just like at home, they're the activities directors, psychologists, chefs and medics, among other tasks and all in unfamiliar turf. more
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Travelocity and Taking the Kids poll shows value of family vacations

Taking the Kids recently teamed up with Travelocity in a poll about the importance of family vacations and together time. Here are some of the key findings. more
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Celebrate Earth Day with little things that make a difference

It is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the travel industry's websites are falling all over each other to tell you what they are doing to be green and how we can all travel greener. But really, it is little things -- like carrying reusable water bottles or hanging up towels after you use them that can help make difference more
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A visit to NYC and Broadway

Spend some time in New York City -- there are a lot of fabulous new productions on Broadway this year, including "Memphis" and "The Addams Family." more
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Make lemonade out of lemons

Of all the things that could disrupt travel, volcano ash is at the bottom of the list. If you're stranded here... visit a nearby national park or historic monument. Entrance fees are waived this week and there are all sorts of special activities. more
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Little things really make a difference

The Associated Press reports that two more glaciers have recently disappeared from Glacier National Park in Montana. That's so sad. I have very fond memories of our trip there in 1994 when the kids were still little. more
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Enough already with the baggage fees!

So now Spirit Air is going to charge us for carry-on bags--as much as $45 a bag. In some cases, that might be nearly as much as a ticket might cost. It's crazy! more
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Mom and dad’s excellent adventure

The kids assume mom and dad have "no life" when they aren't around but that is SO NOT TRUE. This past weekend, when we found ourselves kid-less on a beautiful spring Saturday, we hopped in our Subaru for an unplanned adventure in the countryside about an hour from our home in Connecticut.. more
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Can you blame them?

So how does it feel that your kids are better traveled than you ever were? According to a new Family Travel Survey from TripAdvisor , 75 per cent of travelers’ children have visited more than six states, compared to just 37% of their parents by the same age more
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