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Chicago’s Biggest Book Fair Is Back July 23-26

Jul 9, 2015
The Newberry Book Fair on July 23-26, Chicago’s biggest annual used book binge, has something for every reader.

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A Visit to the San Francisco Exploratorium and California Academy of Sciences

For those of you who have to touch – just have to – San Francisco's Exploratorium is a must-experience educational hot spot. Upon entering the cavernous space reminiscent of a large train terminal, one is greeted with hundreds of learning stations and interactive exhibits cleverly organized by topic: electricity, sound, and many, many more that we lacked the time to see (we recommend committing at least half the day, or making two or more visits to the Exploratorium in order to take in the full experience). more
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Lifting confidence and self-esteem through adaptive skiing

Haley Woodland may be freezing but she’s all smiles. So is her mom Eilizea. Four year old Haley has Cerebral Palsy and has just come in from her ski lesson — she’s in a sit ski. “I can’t tell you more »
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Taking the kids-to Park City for some fun in the snow

Plenty of light fluffy snow—close to 400 inches a season. Plenty of sunshine. A place that really loves families.Welcome to Park City, Utah, home to Park City Mountain Resort, famous for its world-class parks and pipes that tweens and teens especially love, as well as innovative children's programs that are changing the way kids learn to ski and snowboard. more
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Despite the hassles, don’t give up on your vacation

I know when times get tough, vacations are the first thing to go. My husband already is grumbling about the Christmas trip I've tentatively planned for us. more
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Pay for your luggage, fight for the overhead bin… what next?

I hate being nickeled and dimed when I travel. That's why I hate resort fees for services I probably don't use, fees for accessing the internet at hotels and now, fees to check even one bag on an airplane. more
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A special trip with my graduate daughter

There's always something special about traveling with your kids one-on-one -- whether they're five, 15 or in my case, 22. I just returned from a trip to Italy with my daughter Reggie -- her college graduation trip -- before she headed off for adventures (and a new job) across the country. more
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A trip to the amusement park should not mean a trip to the emergency room

No one likes to talk about it but every year, nationwide, an estimated 8,000 children ages 14 and under are treated in emergency rooms for injuries involving thrill rides at amusement parks and traveling carnivals; in an average year, three or four die, reports Safe Kids USA more
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Traveling frugally… but still traveling

I'm in Italy with my daughter Reggie who just graduated from college. The trip is her graduation present. I know we're crazy to head to Europe when everything costs twice as much. But Reggie only graduates from college once and she's never been to Italy. more
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I was an over-packer… not anymore!

I admit it. I turn into a witch the night before a trip. I'm so worried about forgetting something that I make everyone in the family crazy. And I over pack like crazy. But not anymore. Not with airlines starting to charge for checking even one bag! more
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Yes the dollar is weak, but don’t let that stop you

  AAA says that more than 25 million of us will travel abroad this summer—more than last year. I guess the weak dollar isn’t stopping us — me included. I’m taking one trip to Italy with my older daughter — more »
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