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Chicago’s Biggest Book Fair Is Back July 23-26

Jul 9, 2015
The Newberry Book Fair on July 23-26, Chicago’s biggest annual used book binge, has something for every reader.

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Cruise lines keep innovating for family travel market

Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas
Royal Caribbean wants you to know they’ve not only got your back but they’ll guarantee you an experience like none other on board a ship. That’s especially the case if you wait 18 months for the new Quantum of the Seas that will sail out of the New York area. more
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On Anguilla, a couple aim to make a Caribbean destination affordable

Anacona Hotel Anguilla
The Ricketts want their little hotel and villa business to show people that Anguilla is not only for those who can afford five-star luxury. The hotel also serves as the island’s unofficial cultural center. In fact, the restaurant is crowded the night we visit with locals and visitors alike for the weekly dance performance that tells the story of Anguilla. more
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Ann on Broadway — a great perspective on a multi-tasking mom

I was thinking of how she had to juggle the needs of her kids with her work—as we all do. One minute she’s cajoling a son—she had four kids—to come to a family get-together; the next she is deciding whether to grant a death row inmate a reprieve, under pressure from the Vatican and Mother Theresa. more
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Omni introduces teen concierges for visiting families

Larissa Horn Omni Berhshire's Teen Concierge
Larissa Horn, e sophomore at NYU, wants to go into the hospitality business. She’s a student at the University’s famous hospitality school. But she’s not just studying the industry. She’s been tapped to be the special teen concierge at the Omni Berkshire Place in midtown Manhattan. And unlike other internships, she’s getting paid to do it. more
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10 Tips for making family spring travel more fun

Some of you are just heading out on spring break. Some of you are there and are wondering why you left home. That’s because traveling with kids is never easy. It’s aggravating, stressful, expensive and wonderful. Keep reminding yourself that all the travel research shows that family vacations are responsible for the happiest memories we have—memories that last a lifetime. more
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A ski area in Vermont owned and operated by skiers who grew up on it’s slopespes

Larry Williams doing grill chores at Bolton Valley
It’s easy to see why families are attracted to Bolton Valley—the low-key atmosphere reminiscent of when parents learned to ski in Vermont and the fact that lift tickets are about 20-30 per cent less than at neighboring Stowe. more
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Survey shows kids are invested heavily in family vacation time

USTravel Assn Infographic1
The majority of adults polled for a new U.S. Travel Association Family Vacation Survey said they were motivated to take family vacations by the desire to create positive memories for their children—fond memories like they have from the vacations they took as children as young as five. The majority noted that some of their favorite photos and videos are from family vacations. more
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TSA, really?? Knives, bats, golf clubs on airplanes???

You can’t bring a bottle of water onto an airplane. You might get stopped at security with a container of breast milk. But you can bring a baseball bat? And small knives? Come on TSA, which announced last week that these items will be allowed as carry-on beginning April 25. How about a little common sense? more
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Some museums are more than worth the admission

Certainly you could spend all of your time in Washington, DC without paying to enter a museum—there are plenty of free ones to choose from. But two on our list are private and to the high school boys I’d taken to see the sites for the weekend they were worth the cost of admission. more
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How about a bike ride in the dark in the Sonoran Desert?

Biking in the Sonoran Desert
It is pitch black and I am riding a bike through the Sonoran desert. Of course my bike has a light and I’m on a paved trail—a golf cart trail, actually at the expansive (some 1300 acres at the Boulders Resort in Scottsdale known for the distinctive giant boulders that look like snowmen made out of granite and have been here for millions of years. more
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