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Chicago’s Biggest Book Fair Is Back July 23-26

Jul 9, 2015
The Newberry Book Fair on July 23-26, Chicago’s biggest annual used book binge, has something for every reader.

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Patience please

Here on the East Coast we’re in the midst of another big snow storm which means that air travel will be a mess–even if you aren’t going anywhere near New York or Boston.

Planes–and pilots–won’t be able to get where they need to be. Having been through this more times than I want to remember, all I can do is counsel patience. Yes, you might have to say on hold with the airline for an hour (we did just that before Christmas when another storm threatened to derail our plans).

Yes you might have to change your plans. Don’t get angry at the person at the airport counter or on the other end of the phone. The weather isn’t their fault. If you can, be proactive and stay on hold for as long as it takes to get the situation resolved.

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